Speaker: Jared

Eat Chit & Dice – Episode 72 – Walk on the Wild Side

Thank you for subscribing to animal facts. To stop animal facts text STOP to 2359853098234532. We're checking out a few games where you play as an animal, or group of animals! From pooping to find your babies, to roaring to attract a mate, to even flying through the air to collect the chaos emeralds while battling a large blue hedgehog, animals do lots of weird things!

Eat Chit & Dice – Episode 70 – I, Giant Robot

Mechs, frames, megazords, whatever you want to call them, giant robots are awesome. Have you watched the robot anime GaoGaiGar? If you're at all in to giant robots, you should probably watch that! Also, if you don't want the Japanese version of the 1993 Power Rangers series spoiled, skip this one!

Eat Chit & Dice – Episode 63 – Bad Boys Bad Boys (Cops & Robbers)

To kick off our series of public servant themed episodes, we're looking at police games, or at least sorta! I think many people played cops and robbers as kids, so it's not surprising to me to see that theme in board games.  There are a lot of these and we only had time to pick a few, but this is a topic we will for sure revisit in the future.