Ingredient: butter

Death Cake (aka Nine Lives Cake)

This recipe was given to me by my friend Max Holliday. Looking at the recipe, Jared and I determined that it isn't REALLY a cake...but it does LOOK delicious and it is most definitely a dessert. Enjoy the nerdy (albeit dark) humor in the recipe, courtesy my friend Max. There aren't any precise measurements, because Max didn't provide them.

Orange Spritz Cookies

I love making spritz cookies - these are the kind of cookies you make using a cookie press. They're pretty easy to make. It took me a while to get the hand of the cookie press. I've been making them for years now, but I have to admit that at first - my spritz cookies really didn't resemble anything. They just kinda looked like blobs. Now, the first few years I made spritz cookies, I make plain ones. Then I discovered this recipe. I never looked back.