Ingredient: Corn Chex

Snack Mix

Conventions keep you on your feet and busy for long periods of time, sometimes a lot longer than you're used to. It's important to make sure you eat and stay hydrated! Snack mixes are great to eat to give you a boost until your next meal time, and they don't make a mess on your fingers while you play the games! This is a more traditional, healthy snack mix that you can put into plastic bags and tuck into your bag at the convention.

White Chocolate Snack Mix

When you're at a Game Con, it's important to make sure you eat in order to keep your energy up. You don't want to skip meals...even though it's tempting with all those games to play! If you want a little snack, with a little sweet...this White Chocolate Snack Mix will surely hit the spot! Put it in plastic bags in your convention bag and you'll have snacks to keep you going all day and night!