Wassail Cider

All through college I sang in a Madrigal choir and, of course, we always did a big Madrigal dinner at the beginning of December each year. Four nights of performances during which a huge roast beef four-course meal was served, medieval dances performed, a fake Boar's Head was carried through the room while we sang the Boar's Head processional and...of course - we sang Wassailing carols while hot Wassail was served.

Dragon Fruit Smoothie

During any convention it's important to stay healthy and hydrated, so a tasty fruit smoothie is one way to do that. When we got back from GenCon, we were excited to talk about all the games we saw and played. Of course we ate a lot of food there too...but we didn't make any of it. So, we picked a few recipes with a common theme - dragon fruit - because GenCon always uses images of a dragon. It's kind of their mascot.

Vanilla Milkshake

A vanilla milkshake is about as basic as you get. Board games don't have to have a theme to be great games...or they don't have to be dependant on the theme to be great. A vanilla milkshake can have a flavor added, but it still started as a delicious vanilla milkshake. 

Long Day of Gaming Latte

International Tabletop Day is a day, once a year, where gamers come together with their FLGS (friendly local gaming store) to celebrate gaming and community. But it can be a long day of gaming...a fun day...but sometimes those long days need coffee! Start your day out with some tasty homemade Long Day of Gaming Latte!

Frothy Milk

When you make the Long Day of Gaming Latte, or really any tasty coffee at home, it's nice to have milk froth. You don't have to have a fancy machine to have milk froth at home! You can have it with a mason jar and milk. This is one situation where skim milk or low-fat milk is NOT your friend. Don't try this at-home microwave method with skim or low-fat milk. It just doesn't work. You will need a mason jar, or some kind of microwavable container with a lid.