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Eat Chit & Dice – Interview with Smirk & Dagger’s Curt Covert – Paramedics: Clear!

We caught up with Curt Covert from Smirk & Dagger games at Origins to talk about their upcoming GenCon 2017 release - Paramedics: Clear! After WAY too much time fixing the technical audio issues with this video, it's finally ready, and just in time, too. Paramedics: Clear! will be available at Gencon 2017 from Smirk & Dagger (booth 1743) and retail the week after! Companion app available now. We'll also be posting more on this game after release.

Eat Chit & Dice Tabletop Day 2017 Live – Segment 7 – We Play TMNT Shadows of the Past

So we're definitely going to have a video where we talk about what we learned from Tabletop Day and recording game play videos. This TMNT: Shadows of the Past video is a good example of what we plan to NOT do in the future. Longer videos like this probably won't get many views, but we super appreciate all your support. Thanks fans. Make sure you check out for even more great content from our buddy John! We also screwed up here, there was supposed to be a movement penalty for moving with Casey. We

Eat Chit & Dice Tabletop Day 2017 Live – Segment 5 – We Play Crokinole

Yeah, oops, we screwed up the rules. But to be fair, playing a game casually at your home is different from playing it for a video. We promise that next time we do crokinole on a video that we will not screw up the rules so horribly. Again, sorry. But also it's not like any of us noticed, so maybe you won't either! Comment down below with your thoughts!