We’re at Gencon!

We’re at Gencon RIGHT NOW.  But the episode we recorded is also AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW.  Listen now!  It’s about games we buy and never play.  I also edited out roughly 7 minutes of chatter about Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Maybe we’ll play it at an event. 

GenCon and GenCan’t

Since if we wait until the next episode it will be too late, we’re talking about GenCon now!  And GenCan’t!  We’ve also got more than one recipe happening for some reason.  At least our recipes haven’t sold out yet.

Happy Birthday America

We had a cookout, we saw some fireworks, and we also made an episode about playing games with non-gamers/gateway games.  It’s available on your podcast platform of choice and, of course, here on our website.

Episode 10

Well, we did it.  We survived episode 10.  And given the episode schedule that I made, we’ll make it to at least 20.  Make sure to listen!

Episode 9 available now

Check it out, we made an episode about mechanics that we don’t like that strangely build games that we DO!  What?  But really, roll and move games CAN be fun!  Give it a listen!

Episode 8 up

This one is a little preachy, but we’re talking about board game convention do’s and don’ts.  Do’s’ and don’ts’es.  Anyway, listen now!