Love Letter

Seiji Kanai
Alderac Entertainment Group, Kanai Factory, (Web published),, 999 Games, etc.
Year Published
# of Players
Playing Time
20 minutes

Eat Chit & Dice – Episode 48 – Weird Themes/Player Elimination

We talk about some games that we like with weird themes as well as talking about a few games with player elimination (a thing we normally do not like!) in this half and half episode. Once again, Jared is sick, and once again, a cat is screaming the entire time. We also talked about Japanese Kit-Kats for half of this episode, so make sure you check in at the 41 minute mark for that.

Eat Chit & Dice – Episode 34 – Print Your Own Fun

There are lots of great games that are available for free (or at least just the cost of printer paper and ink). Some are homebrew, some are games that are available to print as a demo, and some are just weird. And I cannot stress just how much Jondi hates Werewolf.